Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Upper Pinch In March 8 2016

Checked and photographed waterbars created 11/11/15 and built two more dug ones, above some maple wood waterbars that had filled with silt, moved the silt over to fill in trail as I cleaned them out.  Spent three hours working, commute is up to 6 (total). 

Nine hours, one worker Jim d


Link to photos- I added descriptions.

Great day in the woods.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pinch In 11/11/2015

time spent: 7 hours
number of workers: one Jim de
work accomplished:  Made 5 and 1/2 waterbars, I gave up on one of them, too many rocks.

Never got more than 150 yards from the trailhead, working on the steep part.  One tree across trail I cleared.

All in all a good day in the woods.

Saw 3 bear hunters on the trail- going to look for dogs I think, lots more in the parking lot.  Saw 3 hikers that had done RJ and were going down PI, evidently doing the loop

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Upper Pinch In Aug 2,2015

I clipped upper pinch in (down to the cliff area) after a busy day at the cabin.  3 hours on the trail and parking area 2 hours driving, 5 total.  It was just me.

Saw one appreciative hiker, I needed some time in the woods.  It was a great evening.

There is one tree trunk awkward to cross I started on it but didn't have enough time to make the two required cuts.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cabin and Conley Cove

Date of work: 6/13/2015
number of workers- 1 Jim deFriess for this report
time spent: 12.5 hours includes commute

Work done: Met for safety meeting with USFS at info Cabin

The group then went to cabin trail and built water dips- 6-8 I think.  In the upper 300 yds of the trail, I participated.

After we finished on Cabin I drove to Old Conley, ate lunch and felt up to more, so I used shears as I descended CC trail, pretty much just clipping briers and stuff over the trail.

I walked down to the first difficult tree crossing took out the pulaski and chipped away at it, Me myself and I took turns, and I didn't make the cut initially wide enough so after hearing Ken's great advice in my ears - Which Mike repeated at the safety meeting.

I also heard my son Jared saying when chopping with a pulaski just let it drop, I tend to try and swing faster which can really wear a person out, good thing I was taking turns with myself.  Finally got through the first tree then wrestled it off the trail after making a second cut to allow rotation. 

I went further down the trail past the copperhead tree which isall but gone, to another tree across the trail.  Started nice and wide thanks Ken, and kept chopping but not swinging hard - thanks Jared.  Chopped through it and wrestled it off the trail.

Both trees were HARD, the one might have been Locust, the other probably red oak.  Watched yellow jackets or hornets building a nest about 10' off the trail near the downhill cut.  I didn't get close enough to identify.  I was worried for a while a chip might fly and hit the nest, They didn't bother me - probably waiting for me to leave.

I was low enough I was into nettle by that point so I clipped it with the slingblade back up the trail, then walked out, it was about all I could do.

Great day in the woods- I miss doing that.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rock Jock May 16 2015

Number of workers 2
time spent 18 I think - includes commute
Date of work 16 May 2015
Work accomplished:

Ken and I contributed to the work day in the following way.  First we clipped the south entrance of rockjock down to the "packchecker" - tree across trail you have to duck under.

Then we took a route we had discovered from Kistler down to mid RJ south of razor point and clipped very well about 1000' going south.  It was hot and after lunch we clipped a little more then turned around since we had a not so easy climb out.

We used loppers for brushing and shears for the trail clean up.

So much fun to work with Ken- a good day in the woods- he coined the phrase packchecker.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

PI -LGT south of PI to DF

date of work: 3/14/2015
number of workers: 1 Jim d
time spent: 9 hours includes commute
work done: the bulk of the work was building 2 waterbars and cleaning a 3rd below Falcon rock on Pinch In trail (1st link is a pic of the area)
Then I went down to LGT and south to Daffodil Flats.  I did some light clipping on the way in, particularly the rhodo in the path near Pinch In.  After visiting Daffodil flats
I then hiked back out throwing some brush out of the trail.  The LGT is followable with no major obstructions but lots of minor ones where trees have fallen partially blocking there is a double fall (2 trees stacked one on the other across the trail) which was probable the most awkward place to get through.  I was too tired on the way out and starting to worry about time - or I would have cut it.

Got out of Pinch In probably around sunset.  It was dark by the time I got home.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pinch In Feb 8-2015

Time spent 5.5 hours (includes commute) subtracted off trail time
number of workers 1- Jim de Friess
work done:  clipped briers only while descending to the lower part of Pinch In.  OInce below the cliff area I built a few water features, chopping one dead leaning pine down and using it, 8 years post fire it was well hardened. Plus it was leaning across the trail such that I could chop with no danger to me.   The lower 10' is now a waterbar.  I built a few more down the ridge, and on the way out up the ridge.

Where the trail turns off the ridge I went off trail, lots of briers and devil's walking stick trees, but I pushed through them down to the shaded bluff area (200 yards).  From there I wanted to find a way to LGT south, so I tried the south ridge.  it initially looked promising but was too steep ultimately.  After coming down it through downed trees I easily found the LGT.  I went north and then down into the flat bottom land beside the river.  Found a campsite and then looked for a place to sit for lunch.  Found/made some poles and lashed a tripod to try out my hammock chair.  The perfect trees with river view are never there, with the tripod -although it took time to make - I was able to place it in the shade for lunch.  My crosspiece broke, I needed a green stick, and just used a cord.  Had a good seat perfectly shaded, as the sun moved it warmed my back after lunch which I didn't mind I think I did actually doze as I looked up stream hoping to see a bear.

The LGT has lots of limbs on it, I threw some off before taking my shortcut back to Pinch In.  Once on Pinch In I worked back up getting out around 5pm.  Saw 2 hikers and a dog ahead of me when I got on the trail. they were soon out of site.  Another couple passed me, near the top a dog caught up with me followed by his owner, they passed me too.

Great day in the woods.